New Bassist – Jonas Fischer

(from left to right: Jonas Fischer, Alexander Li, Niko Lambrecht, Joachim Ferstl)


Alright friends,
today we present you our new man handling the low frequencies, the punch in every good mix, the thing that makes a good band sound great or a.k.a. … the bass.

Jonas „JoeC“ Fischer – a highly skilled musician who has been crushing stages since the early 2000s.
Since he has started out with his Progressive Metal Band „Hokum“ in 2000, he was also a member of the mighty „Obscura“ in their early years. Apart from that he played in various other projects.We are extremely proud and happy to have him on board and we’re looking forward to playing a lot of awesome shows together in the future!And a short note regarding our ex-bassist Tom: we parted ways as friends. It’s just that our priorities regarding the band have changed. We wish Tom all the best for his musical journey.