What does MYNDED actually mean? The original idea for the band name was „Mind Dead“, but there were several reasons why we’ve chosen MYNDED over the regular spelling. Most bands out there have got regular English words as band names. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but a “name” doesn’t have to be a defined word which you can look up in a dictionary. And because there is no such word as “mynded”, it suddenly becomes interesting and unique. And that’s what we want to be.


Corona pandemic

Obviously 2020 was a very complicated year for us, as basically for the whole event industry. We continued to record our second album and played an amazing amount of shows… two!

Studio time! Finally!

Good things come to those who wait. We’re finally ready for the studio to record 10 new, fresh songs! Yay!

Songwriting, songwriting and songwriting!

This year is a busy one. A lot of stuff changes in our private lives. We play only 2 shows this year and focus solely on songwriting.

Gigs & Songwriting

We play solid 21 shows this year and focus on songwriting again. This time for real yo!

Tour with Crisix

Joining forces with Crisix and Impalers for the eastern Europe tour! Can’t even describe how amazing that one is..

First show in Ukraine/Kiew!

We play our very first show in Kiew, Ukraine. An overall crazy, funny and exciting experience! We even visit Pripyat, godammnit!

Let’s do this!

This year we’re back again on the road and play 23 awesome shows with our new man JoeC!


The songwriting had to pause a little due to the line up change, but still.. the first demos are recorded!

Metaldays II

We’re invited back again at Metaldays 2017! It’s awesome just like last year!

New bassist!

Jonas „JoeC“ Fischer (Hokum, Ex-Obscura) joins our forces! We’re extremely glad and fired up! Time for a new beginning.

Second lineup change

Departure of former bassist Thomas Hiendl towards the end of the year, quite a bummer.

Metaldays I

We can’t believe it, but we made it to the legendary Metaldays festival in Slovenia! A whole new experience and memories for the rest of our lives!

It’s all about the gigs

We’re focused on shows and songwriting.

Release Party!

We’re celebrating the release of our debut album, a bit delayed though. But still, it is friggin awesome!

Debut album release!

Our debut album „Dead End Paradise“ gets released through Sonic Revolution and Soulfood! Excited as f*ck!

Second music video

Release of music video for the song „Driven Into War“.

New material

First album isn’t even released yet, we’re already collecting new ideas for the next record.

More gigs!

We’re still very busy and play a total of 22 shows this year! Yay!

First tour

Our first tour ever with Ektomorf! Tom is being replaced by Dom from our beloved friends Collapsed Minds.

First bigger shows

Headlining the newcomer stage at the Out&Loud Festival! Selling a shitload of tickets to get this spot 😉

First time in a real studio

We go into a real studio for the first time to record drums for our debut album. Great times!

Gigs, gigs, gigs

We are all about playing live and gathering experience. A total of 23 shows in this year. Making a ton of friends from other bands through music and getting our name out there.

Songwriting continues

Despite all the „touring“ we continue to write new material for our first album.

First release

Our demo „Humanity Faded Away“ is being released. No label, no distribution, all in DYI manner.

First recordings

We start the recordings of our very first demo named „Humanity Faded Away“, which contains 5 songs. Everything is DIY and pretty amateurish, but hey.. everyone has to start somewhere, right?

First lineup change

The original drummer Mark gets replaced by Jo, who played in a Progressive Metal band at the time.

First material

We start to write new songs for our first demo. Before that we played songs from Nikos previous band/his old songs.

First show

Our very first show in our hometown Straubing.


Mynded were founded sometime in fall/winter of 2011 by Niko, Alex, Tom and Mark.