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Tour announcement!

Finally, we have new dates for the “Psycho Eastern Tour” with the Spanish Thrash Matadors “CRISIX” and our buddies from “SURGICAL STRIKE”

The tour got cancelled in December due to a disease of Crisix’ drummer, we are glad that he recovered well!

Metaldays 2017

In July 2017 we have played at this amazing festival called “MetalDays”
Thank’s to everyone who showed up in this freakin’ heat, we have never been grilled on stage like that…

We spent the whole week at the festival and absolutely loved it! We met a lot of nice and interesting people and had of course a great time opening the main stage on the last festival day!
We will be back someday!

Also big thank’s to our light tech Marina Mangard and the whole Metaldays crew for making our stay so pleasant!

Photo Credit: TK Metalshots (

New Song!

We have performed a new song from our upcoming Record at Bergisch Metal Fest in May 2017.
Thanks to our friend “Kauschi” for helping out on Bass!

Video was recorded and provided to us by Thank you man!

Time Flies!

On April 21. in 2012, 5 years ago, we have played our very first concert
in the legendary “Sommerkeller” in Straubing.
We have opened for our friends from “Lost in Syntony” which was Jo’s former Band.
The Club was filled with more than 120 people and the mood was on fire that night!
And to be honest, we’ve been nervous…like, not just nervous…
…more like “God-F*ckin-D*mn-I’m-Gonna-Sh*t-Myself” nervous.
We couldn’t speak a word to someone or to each other until the show started.
But the tension disappeared with the first notes, banging heads and a roaring crowd.
What an incredible evening!
Unfortunately we can’t remember everything that happened and everyone who has been there that night because of too much booze afterwards – LOL
But hey, thank you!

New Bassist – Jonas Fischer

(from left to right: Jonas Fischer, Alexander Li, Niko Lambrecht, Joachim Ferstl)


Alright friends,
today we present you our new man handling the low frequencies, the punch in every good mix, the thing that makes a good band sound great or a.k.a. … the bass.

Jonas “JoeC” Fischer – a highly skilled musician who has been crushing stages since the early 2000s.
Since he has started out with his Progressive Metal Band “Hokum” in 2000, he was also a member of the mighty “Obscura” in their early years. Apart from that he played in various other projects.We are extremely proud and happy to have him on board and we’re looking forward to playing a lot of awesome shows together in the future!And a short note regarding our ex-bassist Tom: we parted ways as friends. It’s just that our priorities regarding the band have changed. We wish Tom all the best for his musical journey.
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