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Studio time! Finally!

Good things come to those who wait. We’re finally ready for the studio to record 10 new, fresh songs! Yay!

Gigs & Songwriting

We play solid 21 shows this year and focus on songwriting again. This time for real yo!

Tour with Crisix

Joining forces with Crisix and Impalers for the eastern Europe tour! Can’t even describe how amazing that one is..

First show in Ukraine/Kiew!

We play our very first show in Kiew, Ukraine. An overall crazy, funny and exciting experience! We even visit Pripyat, godammnit!


The songwriting had to pause a little due to the line up change, but still.. the first demos are recorded!

Metaldays II

We’re invited back again at Metaldays 2017! It’s awesome just like last year!

Metaldays I

We can’t believe it, but we made it to the legendary Metaldays festival in Slovenia! A whole new experience and memories for the rest of our lives!

Let’s do this!

This year we’re back again on the road and play 23 awesome shows with our new man JoeC!