What does MYNDED actually mean? The original idea for the band name was “Mind Dead”, but there were several reasons why we’ve chosen MYNDED over the regular spelling. Most bands out there have got regular English words as band names. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but a “name” doesn’t have to be a defined word which you can look up in a dictionary. And because there is no such word as “mynded”, it suddenly becomes interesting and unique. And that’s what we want to be.

Chronological History:

– Introduction of new bassist Jonas “JoeC” Fischer
– Songwriting and pre-production
– …

– Mainly live shows and songwriting
– Departure of former bassist Thomas Hiendl towards the end of the year

– Release of music video for “Driven Into War”
– Signing at Sonic Revolution and release of “Dead End Paradise” (13-11-2015)
– Preparing of the album release
– Songwriting

– Recording of first album “Dead End Paradise”
– First tour as a support for Ektomorf and in total 22 played gigs
– Headlining the newcomer stage at the Out & Loud Festival on Saturday

– Release of “Humanity Faded Away” in spring
– 23 shows played, among first Festivals and bigger support slots
– Songwriting for the first full length debut album

– First shows played
– Songwriting for the first release
– Recording of the EP “Humanity Faded Away”

– Founded in Winter 2011